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Carpet tile benefits: appropriate for both residential and commercial installations

Homeowners and designers often prefer carpet tile to standard wall-to-wall floors because of the versatility, affordability, design options and ease of maintenance.

At AreA Carpet & Floor we see your job through from concept to completion, whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial.

Our staff of qualified flooring installers and sales experts have over 20 years' experience in this industry. Our customers are always happy and satisfied. As a retailer, it’s gratifying to know we’ve helped them chose the best product for their needs and budget, whether it’s carpet tile or any other flooring.

Our Call Out Service is what makes us stand apart from the others. You need the confidence of buying a product you know will work in your home, with your lighting and furnishings. That can’t possibly happen in someone’s showroom.

Our van is fully stocked with samples and you can even book evening or weekend appointments.

We service Cork, Ireland and surrounds, and be sure to ask about our quotes when you call us.

Fun, Durable and Budget-friendly

A carpet tile is a square, usually around 24 X 24 or 18 X18, that is fastened down with adhesive. The pieces fit together to make a big rug or, if you so desire, an area rug.

They come in an assortment of colours and patterns and make great floors for playrooms and family rooms. They are also used frequently in offices and restaurants and hotels/motels.
Luxury carpet in County Cork, Munster from AreA Carpet & Floor

Benefits include:

  • Budget-friendly Wall-to-wall carpets need professional installation, but this is easy to do yourself. That saves money, and if one gets stained or damaged, just replace that, and not the entire floor.

Also, there can be waste with rolled wall-to-wall carpet; it usually comes in a 12-foot width and if your floor is even one foot wider, you’ll need to buy extra.

  • Durability: Most come in low pile styles which are stronger and easier to clean; low pile also means dirt isn’t trapped, improving indoor air quality.
  • Higher resistant to moisture: The low pile, tight weave, and backing make it more difficult for water to seep through.
  • Note: They still aren’t waterproof.