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AreA Carpet & Floor in Cork, Ireland
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How to choose the right carpet for any installation

Whether it's your home or commercial facility, each space has its own needs and challenges. When it comes to carpet, the vast amount of fibres, constructions, styles, colours, patterns, designs and price points, makes it so that there is something for every need.

At AreA Carpet & Floor we see your job through from concept to completion, whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial.

Our staff of qualified flooring installers and sales experts have over 20 years' experience in this industry.

Our customers are always happy and satisfied. As a retailer, it’s gratifying to know we’ve helped them chose the best product for their needs and budget, whether it’s carpet or any other flooring.

Our Call Out Service is what makes us stand apart from the others. You need the confidence of buying a product you know will work in your home, with your lighting and furnishings. That can’t possibly happen in someone’s showroom. Our van is fully stocked with samples and you can even book evening or weekend appointments.

We service Cork, Ireland and surrounds, and be sure to ask about our quotes when you call us.

Choosing the right carpet for you

Each room in a house has different priorities and challenges, while commercial facilities vary, with each type having different levels of foot traffic and special needs.

Develop a profile of your facility, highlighting any needs for extra durability and stain and soil resistance. Include information on any needed access to subfloors, an important issue for kitchens, since that’s where appliances are usually attached.

Also, incorporate decor and types of furnishings into the profile. This includes, especially, healthcare and waiting room seating.
Luxury carpet in County Cork, Munster from AreA Carpet & Floor

What is Coir matting?

This is an entryway system, particularly important for restaurants, where the carpet is often the flooring-of-choice for the ambience, but hygiene is also a strong necessity.

This is a mat made of coir. Coir is the fibrous material found in coconuts, positioned between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat. Coconuts are known for strong fibres.

There is a price point for everyone. The mats are non-slip, can be used inside or outside and are strong. They come in stock or we can custom make one with your logo or greeting.